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As one of the most important contemporary art fairs in China, Nanjing Yangtze Contemporary Art Fair, founded in 2017, is dedicated to bringing China's art to Nanjing. It is dedicated to deeply cultivating and sprouting in Nanjing and closely connecting Nanjing with the international contemporary art ecology. Now, the brand of Nanjing Yangtze Contemporary Art Fair has become the annual cultural event and artistic landmark of Nanjing, the channel of international exchange and for training new talents.

Xu Lei's "message tree" 35 × 24cm paper 2018 by Ink Studio

On September 6, "2019 Nanjing Yangtze Contemporary Art Fair x BMW Art crossover car" was officially released in BMW Nanjing. As an important project unit and series of activities of the current Yangtze Art Fair, the crossover car mainly embodies the integration of art, life and technology. The crossover car will also be displayed on the main landmarks and roads in Nanjing on the eve of the opening ceremony. During the event, Mr. Yao Zhengjiang, general manager of Nanjing Polyfeng, and Zeng Dong, founder of Nanjing Yangtze Contemporary Art Fair attended as guests to unveil the new BMW 7 Series art car. BMW group not only insists on innovation, but also encourages innovation through cultural undertakings, so as to fulfill its commitment to corporate social responsibility. For more than 40 years, BMW has been actively involved in global cultural cooperation projects covering contemporary art, jazz, classical music, architecture and design. "The pursuit of innovation” is the natural fit between BMW and art.


Inspired by the work "message tree" by artist Xu Lei, combined with the new BMW 7 Series luxury concept and new realm. All along, Xu Lei's "new ink painting" art, with the most traditional advertising, has achieved the most extraordinary contemporary art paintings. While inheriting the form of BMW classic art car, Nanjing Polyfeng also displays the message tree in a different way. The eastern and Western cultures blend with each other in the new BMW 7 series, and art and technology complement each other, showing a totally different artistic beauty. Xu Lei's paintings have a personal concept and elegant style, and his paper works have both delicate and heavy expressive force. This is because he creatively integrated the Western Renaissance painting method, without losing the traditional Chinese theory. The end of Song painting, the Surrealist fantasy, the Persian style and the Pompeii mural silence can be skillfully integrated into the personalized rhetorical symbols, becoming another visual text of modernism.


As a window of the city's cultural label and internationalization, the Art Fair will undoubtedly attract gallery owners, collectors, curators, artists, media people, celebrities and art lovers from all over the country and the world, and even become a new cultural image of a city. From the world-famous Basel art fair, Fritz art fair to art 021 and West Bund Art Fair in Shanghai, it is no different. At the same time, we can not ignore the construction of cultural space of a city by art fair. Human beings are not only the existence of time, but also the existence of space. We are always actively involved in the construction of the ubiquitous spatial society. As an important place for us to watch art and consume art, the Art Fair is also an aggregation field of human behavior and spirit, providing a unique space for urban culture. The Nanjing Yangtze Contemporary Art Fair will show art Yangtze Nanjing in the form of an art festival in front of the public, more comprehensive and more life-oriented, so that contemporary art and Nanjing are connected with each other. On October 10, Nanjing Polyfine will join hands with the Yangtze Contemporary Art Fair to celebrate Nanjing's "contemporary art month" in Xinzhuang International Exhibition Center, in cooperation with local art galleries, galleries, museums, art shops, art restaurants, shopping malls and other art institutions. I believe that art lovers in Nanjing are eager for such a carnival atmosphere.

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