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Cultural Connotation

Nanjing is one of the Four Great Ancient Capitals of China, with 6000 years of civilisation. Nestled in the Yangtze River Delta, Nanjing has served as the capital of several dynasties, acting as a center for learning, culture and the arts.
Nanjing today has reached, Nanjing has reached prominence once again as an international metropolis. Each global city has its own bespoke cultural offering: New York’s Art Frieze, London’s annual Art Fair, Hong Kong’s Art Basel.
We now bring you the Yangtze Contemporary Art Fair, a new forum to connect the global art world to the contemporary Chinese art scene in Nanjing.
Join us for the start of something exciting.

The Origin of Yangtze

The  Yangtze Contemporary  Art  Fair

扬   子   当   代   艺   术   博    览    会

As a place name, ‘Yangtze’ first appeared in the Sui Dynasty. It refers to a section of the Changjiang, the longest river in China and the third longest river in the world.
Later, European traders used the word ‘Yangtze’ as a byname for the entire Changjiang River, and since then, the Yangtze has become symbolic of China’s opening to the outside world.

Unique Geographical Advantage

Nanjing is an important cultural centre in China with a well established contemporary art scene.
The city has nurtured several famous artists who have made outstanding contributions to the development of Chinese contemporary art. Nanjing also has many collectors engaged in contemporary art.
Over the years Nanjing has become a mature and abundant resource of art and artists.

Cultural Exchanges

As a top international art fair, Yangtze Nanjing Contemporary Art Fair opens up Nanjing’s history, culture and contemporary art to a wider audience. Galleries from Asia, Europe and America will be invited offering the chance to promote cultural exchange between China and other countries, as well as giving foreign galleries the opportunity to build a connection with Chinese collectors.

With a strict selected mechanism, the Organizing Committee will select galleries from all over the world, including some representative local galleries from Nanjing.

The Yangtze Contemporary Art Fair will be a professional and high-quality art fair held in Nanjing with a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere promoting in-depth communication between collectors and galleries.

Yangtze Nanjing Contemporary Art Fair

As the inaugural Yangtze Nanjing Contemporary Art Fair, a strict selection mechanism will be followed to select leading galleries from all over the world. The art fair will take place over 4 days: 2 days for VIPs and Professionals, followed by 2 days for the public. The total exhibition area is 129166 sq. ft (≈12000 m2).
Yangtze Nanjing Contemporary Art Fair aims to showcase the historical culture and contemporary art scene of Nanjing to the world. We will invite galleries from Asia, Europe and America to participate, creating a forum for cultural exchange. Participating galleries will have a unique opportunity to develop and cultivate relationships with Chinese art patrons.
The Yangtze Nanjing Contemporary Art Fair will be one of the most professional art exhibitions in Nanjing.
It has a rich network of local resources, including galleries that focus on 21st Century contemporary art, public exhibition projects (BEYOND) and Expo forums.

Exhibition Information

Exhibition Time:11-14 October 2018
VIP and Professionals session:11-12 October 2018
Public session:13-14 October 2018
Organizer:Nanjing Yangtze Contemporary Art Fair Committee

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