Nanjing Yangtze Contemporary International Art Fair aims to build a platform for high-end art exhibition and trade. In order to effectively operate the first Nanjing Contemporary Art Fair (hereinafter referred to as 2018 Yangtze Art Fair), the Organising Committee of Yangtze Art Fair as a permanent authority, formulates and implements these rules, and has the power to modify and interpret these rules. The rules are binding on the Organising Committee and all exhibitors.

01.Participants and types of exhibits

Participants: domestic and foreign galleries, art companies, art funds and other art institutions.

Types of exhibits: Modern and contemporary art works at home and abroad: paintings, sculptures, images, ceramics, installations and other works of art.

02.Exhibition hall and facilities

Venue: Nanjing International Exhibition Center

The exhibition hall is equipped with: the supporting facilities in accordance with the international practice, through PDS integrated wiring, strong current, weak current, information, communication, water supply, drainage and compression air will reach each booth through the underground pipe ditch. The facilities are complete and the service is considerate, which can meet the needs of all kinds of exhibitions.

Business center: there is a business center in the exhibition hall, providing telephone, fax, typing, inkjet printing, printing, ticket booking, shipping and other services.

03.Booth use

The exhibitor shall have the right to use the booth only after paying the exhibition fee in full in accordance with the rules. Without the written consent of the organizing committee, exhibitors shall not provide part or all of their booth to others for use, with/without compensation or free of charge; exhibitors shall not occupy the aisle and public space; except for the exhibition works that have been registered in the exhibition, other works have not been registered and reviewed shall not be displayed or advertised in the booth, and those who violate these regulations will be deemed as breach of contract.

The exhibitor shall bear the following liabilities for breach of contract:
The organising committee will immediately cancel its participation qualification, and the full amount of the fees paid will not be refunded as liquidated damages. If exhibitors need to add or change booth facilities beyond the standard configuration, they must obtain the approval of the Executive Committee, fill in the booth design application form and pay the required fees at the same time. After the start of the exhibition, the exhibition board and spotlight can not be increased. The organising committee will charge additional fees for other additional services.

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